Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hawaii trip April 2012 (Shutterfly Book)

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

More Weddings

Mike and Irina's Wedding June 22, 2012

I got to be the florist and the photographer.  It was so much fun.  Right up my alley!!
Here is a small preview of the beautiful couple!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Kelsee's music video for School

Untitled from Chareese Webb on Vimeo.

Ok!! Kelsee would kill me if she knew I was putting this on our FAMILY Blog. Kelsee is taking a video production class at Vista and for one of her assignments she had to produce and star in or be in a music video. She put it together super fast, and I think it is cute and funny. Funny, because it is so not Kelsee. The song that was aproved is by Taylor Swift, so I made her curl her hair and put on some make-up, which she hates.

Here's for you Cassi !!
Saturday, Tallen and his cousin Tageon put together a movie.  Cassi, Ashlee, and I laughed so hard, that I promised Cassi I would put it on line for her family to view it.  She wanted me to put it on you-tube, I thought this would be better than you-tube.  Not so many people view this!!!!  

Just so you know Tallen did all the editing.

Bombs- By Tallen Webb from Chareese Webb on Vimeo.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Allie's Wedding

August 31, my niece Allie was married.  When you have a large family such as mine, and someone is getting married, everyone gets put to work. Of course I piped up to do the flowers. It was so fun. Shopping for flowers and then trying to put together something my niece would like. She was very particular about not having bushy center pieces and she wanted "sticky" looking things out of mason jars. (That was hard). The wedding was at the grooms house and they had a beautiful tree in the yard that we hang mason jars from. It looked beautiful in the dark and I think it all turned out in the end.

My sister Shelly and her clan- Bailey, Allie, Nikki, Krew, Javie, and Cade.  Her 4 grandchildren, Taylor, Junior, Dana and Blake.  

This is the Bedke side of the family.  
CJ, Allie, and her sisters.  I've always said Allie looks like Hillary Duff.
Allie and her nieces

CJ's Parents

The Rumis Family

Love this one of Allie
Very Cute!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Oh yes, we had so much fun with us girls, we almost forgot our husbands were there. 
I have the BEST-EST FRIENDS in the WHOLE WORLD!!!  Friday (9/3) to my surprise, my best-est friends in the whole world threw me a surprise 40th Birthday Party.  (Yes, I turned 40 years old this year.)  I really was surprised seeing that my birthday was 2 weeks earlier.  The Pulsipher's had tried to get us to go out 2 weeks prior, but we were so busy with soccer every night we couldn't plan anything until 2 weeks after my birthday.  I did not suspect anything until I walked in Ivory's house and Rebecca and Ivory got a little weird. (Weird meaning; they couldn't keep these funny little grins off their faces)  They kept repeating- "OKAY- lets give her her present now!!"  Seconds later everyone yelled surprise!!

The best part about the whole night (besides the company) and what makes them the the bes-test friends in the WHOLE WORLD - was not so much the "SURPRISE" of the party (because who at the age of 40 aspires to have a "SURPRISE PARTY' thrown on their behalf?) but their undertaking of the whole night.  They researched and dug up information and planned and prepared to make it just right for me.  The whole night was GLUTEN FREE and CASEIN FREE- which is quit a challenge in the kitchen, (bear in mind, gluten is hidden in hundreds of other names besides the obvious.)    I did not have to worry about any of the ingredients!!  (Rebecca had been quizzing me saying she had a friend of a friend who just found out they had celiacs as well and needed some advise.  If she only knew her friend weighed on my inner being all week and I felt so guilty I had not tried to get a hold of this so called friend to help her through her first few weeks with the new Gluten free diet.)  They totally tricked me!!

They even had a chocolate birthday dessert as well.  Yum Yum!!

We had a good time and missed a few of my other favorite people in the whole world!!!!

Girls if you are reading this THANK YOU for the great evening and thanks for the lifetime friendships!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Bedke Family Get Together

Yesterday was our Bedke Family get together.  It only seemed appropriate since CJ, Carly were visiting from England, Mitch, Gail, Meier and Christian from Park City and Staci, Nicholas, Abbey, Maddie and Ryan from Georgia .  This is also the first time we have seen Carly and CJ as a married couple.
This year we missed out on Michael, Irina, Kajai, and Akasha, Gary and Shannon and their 2 kids, and also Baileys 3 children.  ( WOW that took a lot of getting out)
Of course when you combine all these people together you are bound for a day of fun that always ends up with food in the air and on a lot of bodies. Leave it to all the teenage boys and grown up boys for that matter.  (CHRIS)

We tried our best to take a grandchild picture.  We were missing 4 grandkids and 3 great- grand kids.  We have decided we have to jump on the chance when the chance arises.  We have fewer and far between visits from all the grandchildren at once.   I also begged my family to please please let someone take our family picture for Christmas.  I know it seems a little early, but if you understood how difficult and how full of excuses they are you would start in August as well.  I ended up posting one of them to our blog, so it looks like these will not be our Christmas pictures after all.

This year since we are getting so big we decided to go to Poway Lake.  We had a great spot --besides the folks next to us who were  "The Poway Lake Sunday Drunk White Trash Family", who asked us to join in their volleyball game (if that is what you called it?)  It only lasted one serve, before they were screaming the serve was to hard and then that turned into a fight.  (Good thing we were only drinking Diet Coke.  It could've gotten ugly) We soon moved on to a baseball game, while some went on on a boat.  We had a little soccer with everyone, water balloon launching and grandpa's favorite; a talent show,(where he is still insisting Cyd, Cassi, Staci and I sing Starlight Express). 

Summers are the BEST!!
Below are some highlights.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

14th Day in France/Zurich

Today was a day we thought we could leisurely take our time getting out of our hotel, until the maid knocked and clearly looked frustrated we were not out. So we packed up quickly and headed to the train station to go to Champ Elysee and the Arc de Triumph.  We were going to go through the Arc de Triumph before we watched the last stage (21st stage) of the Tour de France, but it was closed.   We then decided to eat lunch before the tour starts. ( If you do not eat lunch before 2:00 you do not get lunch.  They stop serving until dinner.)  Rebecca and I heard the floats coming for the tour and decided we would go out and and stake out a spot to watch the Tour.  We ended up finding a spot which meant we had to scale the wall.  I did and thought Rebecca would be right behind me.  She was laughing and motioned she would just go around.

Once again it was exhilarating to watch the tour.  They were so incredibly fast.  Where we were at they would make a 2 or 3 mile loop 8 times.  We watched 5 of those loops and then decided we would have to beat the crowd to the metro.
The yellow jersey 

Good- Bye Paris- Hello Zurich( for only a few hours for Erik and I)

Things we learned about France,
1.  Men and women share the same bathrooms
2.  Bathrooms are definitely limited.  No wonder the French are so small, they don't eat or drink because their country has no toilets. 
3.  Most of the French smoke.
4.  The roads and the streets are impossible to figure out and drive in.
5.  The French like to put raw eggs on lots of their food.
6.  The French start counting the number "1" with their thumb. (A little confusing when the French man was trying to ask me how many waters I had ordered with my meal and I thought he was asking me if the meal was a thumbs up meal.  I kept nodding and putting both thumb's up saying I liked the meal it was good.  He would repeat the counting in French and put his thumb up and then his second finger as he pointed to Rebecca.  I thought he was asking if we both liked our meal!  (1) me and (2) her.  So I am putting both my thumbs up motioning we both liked our meal and I'm kissing all ten of my fingers trying to get my point across that "yes, it was good."  He finally had to walk over and point to the waters for me and say, un and un.  I got it then.  
7.  Diet coke in Paris is $8.00
8.  All soda's are served warm or with no ice. 
9.  The French don't understand French when it is said with an american accent.  I kept asking for a banana , which is banan in French.  I am saying banan and 2 men are saying it looking at me with a question like '
"We are not sure what you want"  I say "banan?" again and they look at each other and question with their hands in the air as they say "banan?"  Finally I use my sign language and pretend I am peeling a banana and while I am peeling I say "banan?  and they finally say OHHHHHHH BANAN!!! ( I thought that is what I was saying!)
10.  They are nice.  We did not encounter any really rude French people.